Our Vision & Mission

Aum, a not-for-profit private school, is a vision of the entire community of the United States, who has been feeling the need for schools to provide quality education along with the Vedic values, Indian culture, and language to the young children of the growing American community.

Aum Preschools will provide the extraordinary environment and excellent education standards to ensure optimal performance and progress for each student. Each class will follow an enriched Curriculum of English language, math, cultural studies and science as per principles, along with Hindi &  Sanskrit reading, writing and verbal while getting to know and appreciate the history, heritage, and culture of India. Aum students will get a chance to chant Vedic Mantras, Sanskrit verses and devotional and inspirational Bhajans in the school. Yoga lessons will also be part of the curriculum. We believe that combining the secular education with imparting our Vedic values, culture, and heritage will help prepare the students to face the challenges of today’s world.

Aum School is organized for the purpose of establishing schools for early and K-5 teaching of Vedic traditional principles, values, culture, arts, etc., where “Vedic” signifies the ancient Indian culture believed to have originated up to ten thousand years ago. The Aum School curriculum is custom tailored such that, as the child graduates to higher school they are empowered to carry themselves proudly.

All schools will have “Aum” in their name. eg,. a school in the Bay Area would be “Aum Montessori School of Bay Area”.

Vision & Mission

Our Philosophy

universalvalues1 Universal Values
Embrace the universal values – peace, tolerance, compassion, self-discovery and spiritual awakening.
vedicvalues Vedic Values
Vedic Values come from Vedas which are ancient texts originating in the ancient Indian subcontinent.
leadership Experienced Leadership
Operate under the leadership of School Director supported by staff members who are and Early Childhood trained.
staff Teachers & Staff
Our teachers and staff maintain the focus in our strategy, marketing, business development, and fulfillment.